Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Time for Everything

I just won my first giveaway!
Lisa, whom I have known for over three years, was hosting this giveaway. The prize is a gorgeous necklace from Shabby Apple.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Lisa!
Check out her blog here. She is super creative and super sweet!

Side note: I have known Lisa since my senior year in high school. I was her teacher apprentice in her second grade classroom. Ever since then, she has graciously allowed me to visit her classroom to do all of my field work. She's the best!


  1. ooh luck you!! i hope you have a great weekend and stop by sometime!

  2. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my blog; I have been so awful at posting lately, but I'll get some up here soon. Congratulations on your giveaway win - that necklace is too cute!

  3. Just found your blog and a new follower :) Congrats on winning a giveaway! I still have yet too haha.

    Stop by my blog sometime and I hope you have a happy holidays!


  4. I love that necklace! Any piece of jewelry with a key, and i'm in love!

    Happy Wednesday!



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