Study Abroad

Studying abroad is such an incredible opportunity. If you ever get the chance to do it...don't hesitate! I cannot recommend it enough.
The girls I studied with have become some of my best friends. I even traveled through Europe with one of them after we graduated from college. My host family has truly become family to me. I have gone back to visit them many times, and have even had the opportunity to introduce my mom to them!
There are so many life lessons to be learned on a trip like this.
Obviously I'm a huge advocate for this experience. And I'd love to answer any questions you might have about it!

Basics: This trip was in Modena, Italy in May of 2012. I went through the Education department at my university. I was in a second-grade classroom each morning, then went on various "field trips" in the afternoons to learn about the Reggio Emilia methods. I lived with a host family (best decision ever) and really got to see how people live in this part of Italy. Weekend trips included Venice and Florence.

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