Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tomorrow = Exam Day

I came to France last August to help the little girl learn English. At first, it was very casual. Just speaking every day and gradually learning things. However, in October, things changed.

In middle school, the students have to pick a language section. Usually you go to whichever language is your mother tongue. This family decided instead to have their daughter try to get into the English section. So since they decided this, we have been pushing her harder. I have been working with her almost every day to improve her grammar, speaking, and writing abilities. It has not always been easy. It most definitely has not always been fun (for either of us). But we are almost at the end!

Tomorrow is exam day and I'm getting a bit nervous! We have done everything we could to prepare her. Prayers would be much appreciated for her to do well on this test!

In other news, I will be back in America in 15 days!! Ahhh can't believe it's almost time to go back home. I have mixed feelings of course. I'm sad to leave Europe and all the travel opportunities I have here. But I'm also very excited to get home to my family and friends. I've missed them a lot more this time than I did last time. I can't wait to step off that plane on American soil!

And because posts are boring without pictures, here are some shots from the garden. Spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier.


  1. I know she is going to do great today! Praying for you and I am excited to see you when you come home!

  2. Praying your sweet girl did well on her exam today! And you, me, and Jenny need to get together when you get back so we can chat books and just hear more about your adventures in Europe! Praying the Lord will guide you through this time of transition and bless your last two weeks in France. We'll see you soon!


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