Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Things

1. I just started reading The Hunger Games today and I'm already hooked. Soooo good.
2. I started watching One Tree Hill about a month ago (from the very first episode) and I'm hooked. Currently on Season 6.

Good news: The Hunger Games is required for one of my classes so I don't feel guilty about reading it.
Bad news: One Tree Hill is not required so I definitely feel guilty watching it when I have other work to do.
Is that going to stop me from watching it? Heck no.


  1. Hunger Games is the best. What class is requiring it? That's awesome. Hopefully you won't feel guilty reading #2 and #3, because those are essential once you finish the first.

  2. It's for my Children's Literacy Class. You gotta love classes for Early Childhood Education!

  3. how early do they kiddies read that book? i loved it but i cant imagine it good for the young little ones...


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