Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Market - Montreux, Switzerland

One of the best parts of Europe is the Christmas markets. Everything is just so Christmas-y and happy! I went to the market in Montreux with Rosalie last week. It was freezing, but so fun. We made candles, drank hot tea, tried some chocolate, and admired all the pretty booths. And I rode my first ferris wheel! I always imagined myself riding one at a fair somewhere in the States. But this was so much better. You can't beat a ferris wheel at Christmas overlooking Lake Geneva.



  1. Wow it looks so pretty! I'd love to go. Thanks for joining the blog hop :)
    xx Tia

  2. I just went to the Christmas market here in Toronto! This time of year just makes my heart light right up, and these photos are simply gorge!
    So happy to have found you through Fresh Face Friday! Can't wait to read more xo

  3. Did you really see all these adorable things and take gorgeous photos? Haha it's so lovely!! Just found you through the link-up and glad I did :)

  4. Oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing!! Have you been to L'Abri? It's above Montreaux!


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