Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Woohoo! Party! Confetti! Celebrate!
It's my birthday!
21 and legal baby!!
I love birthdays. Love. Them.
And today is turning out to be a great one!

-I started my day off with some pattern blocks
{thank you early childhood education}

-Got a free bagel at Panera

-Caught up on my celebrity news
{speaking of...the VS fashion show was amazing}
Also I've been getting texts from celebs* all day
Like these two (along with their captions):

"Taylor and I are wondering when we can see you" 
"Happy Birthday from the sweetest
boy on Gossip Girl!"
-Got a brownie sundae at Chili's with my bestie

And the day is only halfway over!
Yay for birthdays!!

*AKA my best friend sending me pictures of hot celebs with captions

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  1. Happy Birthday a little late! That's so fun that you hit up all the places where you can get free stuff on your birthday!! Someone seriously needs to do a full roundup!


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