Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tomato Lover

Don't let the title confuse you...I really don't like tomatoes very much.
But I may be changing my mind.
I went to Panera last night and ordered the Tomato Mozzarella Panini.

I didn't even have time to get out my camera before I started eating.
So a phone pic will have to do.

Have you had this before?
I'm definitely getting that next time.
{and maybe every time I go for the rest of my life}


  1. Despite being half Italian, I'm not a big tomato fan. They need to be pppureed to death for me to eat them. Plus, I am allergic to citric acid. My fingers, mouth, toes blister!

  2. Mmm I have grown up loving tomatoes! And I LOVE that panini from panera! It is delicious!

  3. I LOVE it. I wish I new how to make it at home!!!
    Love, Leigh

  4. I love, love tomatoes. I go to Panera for breakfast from time to time but never lunch. But, that sandwich looks and sounds delish!


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