Monday, July 2, 2012

One Direction Infection

We all know I had it before this concert. But I just love them even more after seeing them live.
The concert was so much fun! I had a blast acting like a preteen with my cousin.

On the way!
Let me give you a picture of the audience. There were thousands of middle and high school girls, their moms (and a few dads), and then a few college-aged kids. I was definitely in the minority. So I was surrounded by tons of little girls who were screaming their heads off.

Y'all my ears were still ringing the next night. It was soooo loud. I can't even describe it. When the boys came out, they said that we were the loudest concert they've played. Every performer says that at each show so I didn't really take them seriously. But as the night went on, I totally believed them. I have never heard so much screaming. Every time a new boy would start singing, the girls would start screaming all over again. I've been around music/performing my whole life so I know all the signs performers give to the sound guys. The boys were telling them to turn up their in-ears because they couldn't hear themselves. Suffice it to say, it was loud.

Allie and I had such a great time. The boys were great live and were just as great personality-wise as they are in their interviews.

The opening acts were great, too! Well, I was not a fan of Manika. She dressed like Nicki Minaj but sounded like Hannah Montana. Olly Murs, on the other hand, was incredible! It would have been worth it to just see him. He had such a great stage presence; he was born to be a performer. He was on The X Factor in 2009. He has a jazzy pop sound and I just loved him. "Heart Skips a Beat" is his latest single out in the US. Check him out!

One of the things I realized on this adventure is that I really want a nice camera. My digital one just doesn't cut it sometimes. Can you say graduation present??? Mom?? Dad??

I digress. I would definitely go to another one of their concerts. Great night all around!

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