Saturday, June 30, 2012

Modena Part 3

Welcome to day three of Modena stories! Today is just a random assortment of things.

My favorite thing about Italy was the gelato. I think we stopped at every gelato place we came across. Pretty sure I ate my weight in gelato.
I wish I was kidding.

My favorite flavor was bacio. It's chocolate with hazelnut and it's delicious. They have Bacio chocolates in Italy and my mom was sweet enough to send me home with two bags. I only have a few left so I'm trying to save them for when I really miss Italy.

These are only a few of the stops we made:

This was on the day they told us we were leaving early. It was so hot this day and we walked around for an hour trying to find this place.

The first day of school, I went out to lunch with two other girls. Our parents had told us about Bar Agora so we set off to find it. It took us about 15 minutes when it only should have taken 5, but we finally made it! And sadly all the tables were reserved for a business meeting. So we had pizza next door instead. But we were really proud of navigating the city by ourselves!

this was all mine

Around the corner from my house was the cinema. There was a huge statue of a duck in front of the building. Every time we drove past it, Giacomo would say, "There's the best statue in all of Modena!" I just had to get a picture of it.

excuse the horrible quality...we were driving

Modena is like my second home now. I absolutely loved every second I spent there. My family was so wonderful and I can't wait to go back to see them!

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  1. you are absolutely adorable. i want that pizza and gelato!!!


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