Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word

Can you believe it's 2013? It feels like just yesterday it was 1999
and people were worried the world was going to end.
Hmmm...sounds a lot like this year now that I think about it.

I've been following Nicole for a while now.
She is so sweet and I've enjoyed getting to know her a little through blogging.
At the beginning of 2012, she posted about choosing one word as a theme for the entire year.
I loved this idea but I didn't really do anything with it.

However, I've been feeling like the Lord has given me a word for 2013.
There's something to be said for working all year on one specific thing.
To look back over how far you've come
and what all you've learned.

Over the past couple of weeks
I've been noticing something I need to work on in my life.
I waste a lot of time.
Not on bad things.
Just on pointless things
like twitter or watching t.v.
Things that I enjoy but aren't a priority.

At this point in my life,
I have been given the gift of free time.
Now that does not mean I sit around for hours with nothing to do.
I'm actually quite busy with school and work.
But I don't have a family to take care of
or any other pressing matters many people face.

So for 2013, my goal is to be:
Intentional with my time, 
my attention,
my relationship with the Lord,
how I love others,
how I serve.

This year will bring about a lot of changes for me.
Graduating college,
getting a real job,
potentially moving away from home.
Those things are huge.

At the end of the year,
I want to look back with no regrets.
With no wasted time.

Hopefully a year from now
I'll be able to say I was successful.

I'd love to know if you do something similar.
What are your 2013 resolutions?

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