Friday, April 19, 2013

Strangers on the Porch

I had a little scare early this morning.
I woke up a little before six to someone snoring.
This is weird because my bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment from my roommates.
At first I thought I was making it up, but then I realized it was real.
I sat up and tried to figure out where it was coming from.

Our living room light was on so I originally thought someone was sleeping on our couch.
This is not unusual. One of my roommates is a college athlete.
She often has friends come from out of town and stay in our apartment.
We actually had an NBA player stay with us a few weekends ago.
But I digress.

I figured out it wasn't coming from our living room, but from outside.
My bedroom window looks out over our small porch.
I peeked through my blinds and saw some big black thing curled up against our porch door.
Based on what I thought was going on (friend sleeping over), I assumed it was their dog.
Problem solved.

Fast forward to this morning when all of us were awake.
I checked with my roommate to see who came over and what kind of dog they had.
Only to find out that no one came over. Which means there was no dog.
Cue creepy music.

Both of my roommates suggested I was dreaming.
But I was definitely awake!
I even got up, went to the bathroom, and checked out the window again.

So to wrap up, there was some thing or some person sleeping on our porch last night.
Right beside my window.
Close enough for me to hear them snoring/breathing heavily.

We're hoping that it was just a drunk person.
We're on the ground floor so they could have climbed over our porch railing.
Maybe thinking they were locked out of their apartment?
Maybe at the wrong place?
Who knows?!
The good news is nothing happened.
All I know is...they better not come back tonight!

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  1. That same thing happened to my sister Ashley while she was at UGA! It was really late on a Thursday night as well, and she woke up to someone trying to get in her window (her bedroom window was right next to the front door). She screamed and whoever it was ran away, but the police thought it was just a drunk student who thought they were locked out of their apartment and tried to get in the window instead. Scary! Needless to say she moved out of that apartment as soon as she could lol. Glad y'all are OK!


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