Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Current Things

A little sneak peak at my week with my mom!
I've seen these lists lately and thought it would be fun. It gives you a little bit of a glimpse into my everyday life. Happy Wednesday, friends!!

+ eating: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. and thoroughly enjoying it. #merica
+ drinking: water. always.
+ practicing: the italian language
+ mastering: how to dress for freezing cold weather
+ learning: french
+ playing: bubble shooter (fun fact: if i watch something on my laptop, i always play bubble shooter at the same time. i can't sit still while watching tv.)
+ finishing: editing a physics lecture. my host dad here works for cern and is paying me to edit his lesson. while i don't understand anything i'm reading, it's been nice to edit. i actually love doing that!
+ reading: the book of deuteronomy. my small group leader (hi mrs. susan!) and i are doing a study together. so thankful for the technology that keeps us connected!
+ enjoying: the time i spent with my mama last week. so good.
+ listening: oceans by hillsong united
+ needing: a large glass of sweet tea. with lots of ice.
+ wearing: an oversized t-shirt and pajama pants. plus thigh-high wool socks because it's absolutely freezing here
+ wondering: how much chick-fil-a i can eat in one month when i go home
+ working: on how to teach english. not as easy as it sounds
+ liking: my day off. it's been spent entirely in bed :)
+ traveling: to rome for my birthday in exactly two weeks!!
+ planning: my trip back to america!!

+ wanting: the sun and warm weather
+ loving: the new friendships i've made
+ wishing: i had cookie dough and brownie mix. i can't wait to get back to america and bake to my heart's content
+ marveling: at the greatness of deuteronomy. who knew it was so applicable to life?!
+ smelling: nothing...i'm getting sick :(
+ hoping: these next 26 days will fly by so i can get home and hug my family
+ feeling: so blessed by this adventurous time in my life

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