Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I mentioned last time that there was an earthquake while we were in Venice. Turns out the earth wasn't done quaking.

I went to school this morning and my kids were taking a test. All of a sudden, we heard this rumbling noise. The teacher and I looked at each other for a second. When the room started shaking, we both jumped out of our seats. The children stood up and started screaming, "Terremoto!!!"

The entire school evacuated. Literally within five seconds of being outside, we saw parents rushing to the school. Some were running, some were riding bikes, others were speeding up in cars. I have never seen such a state of panic. I don't want to make light of the situation but it was almost comical.

The earthquake only lasted about 10 seconds. Most of the children were fine but when they saw their parents, they began to cry. School was cancelled for the day so an inspector could check the school.

I rode home with my brother and Nonna (the grandmother). We were in the house for maybe 15 minutes before there was another earthquake.

The earthquake was a 5.8 and the epicenter was pretty close to Modena. Since the last quake from last week, there have apparently been over 400 movements. You cannot always feel them on the ground floor but you can if you are on an upper level. There are many people who cannot sleep at night because they are terrified the aftershocks will turn into strong quakes. After the big quake today, I felt three aftershocks. I was sitting on my bed upstairs and it felt like someone was lightly shaking the bed.

I really wish these earthquakes would stop. They're ruining my plans! Last Tuesday we were supposed to go to Verona but couldn't because the trains were on a different schedule. We decided to go today but now we can't because of the trains. I reallllllly want to go to Verona and I'm running out of free afternoons!!!

I'm so glad we don't have these in Georgia. The people here are shocked that these are my first two earthquakes. Like I said before, this isn't something I want to experience often. We're currently sitting outside in the garden just in case there is another quake.

I have lots of fun stories to share. I'll update as soon as I find the time!

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