Monday, May 21, 2012

Venice, Murano, and Burano

Venice was absolutely beautiful. It was so crowded though. We went during the America's Cup and apparently there were 100,000 extra people there just for the race. On top of all the other tourists and the 60,000 residents, there were quite a few people.
I was not expecting all the streets to be little alleys. It amazed me that you could walk through these tiny passageways and be totally safe. Especially at night. I'm definitely not used to that in America. I cannot imagine walking through a tiny alley at 11 PM with just two other girls back in the States. It's amazing how different it is here.

We also went to Murano and Burano. We travelled by boat from Venice. The weather was perfect: not too hot and not too cold. All I needed was a light jacket. (Name the movie.) Murano is famous for their glass. We were able to watch a demonstration in a factory. It was incredible. They work so quickly and can make the coolest things! The town was not very large but there were a few cool glass figurines.

Burano is famous for their lace. It was gorgeous. All of the houses are different colors. There are shops full with different things made of lace. We walked around the town and went in little stores. We stopped at a cafe and I got a chocolate croissant. So delicious. I could easily eat one every day.

Just sleeping on his boat. 

In other news, the earthquake did not do much damage to Modena. My family is all okay, as are the other families associated with this trip. We felt the quake in Venice. It only lasted for about 30 seconds and was not too severe. I woke up because my bed was shaking. I thought it was the other girl in my room making all the noise but quickly realized that it was actually the building shaking. A few bell towers and clock towers close to Modena fell down. A castle was damaged as well. I'm just praying that it will not happen again while we're here. One earthquake was kind of cool. But that is something I only want to experience once in my life.

Aside from the earthquake, it was a great trip. Lots of walking and tons of pretty buildings. The food was delicious but I feel like that's to be expected in Italy. I'm really craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich though. That and some cheese dip. Anybody want to send me some????


  1. such awesome pictures..i hope to go there one day!

  2. I loved Venice, Murano and Burano! I hope you have a wonderful time while you are there.


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