Sunday, October 7, 2012

Be Thankful and Rejoice

I was reading Jessica's latest post earlier today. Something she said really stuck out to me: 
Always remember that your circumstances do not determine who God is, and you must be thankful and rejoice no matter what goes on in your life.
There are a lot of people who think less of God depending on their circumstances. I'm sure I have even fallen into that trap at some point.
But I know that our God is greater than anything life throws at us.

When my mom had cancer, I am so thankful I knew this truth.
My circumstances do not define God.
He is so much higher than that.
Knowing He was going to see me through to the end gave me such comfort.

I hope this encourages you today.
Don't forget that God knows your situation and that He is worthy of our praise.
God is good, all the time!

PS check out Jessica's blog. She's such an encourager!

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