Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is Here!

It's fall, y'all!
I love saying that. 
Makes me sound so Southern.
It was a chilly 55-60ish degrees today in Georgia.
That's cold for us!
I pulled out the boots because they make me oh so happy.
*hopefully summer doesn't decide to make a reappearance*

My day got even better when I remembered it was a government holiday.
Because I work for the Forest Service, I didn't have to go in to work!
Party for me!

Except I really sat at home writing lesson plans all afternoon.
Good news is I'm finally finished.
Which means I can now relax, catch up on blogs, and maybe watch a little TV.

Oh and the final season of Gossip Girl starts tonight!
Here's hoping it's better than last season.

Have a wonderful night!!


  1. Surprise days off are probably better than ones you knew you had coming. Wish we had some of that 55º weather here. Enjoy it for me!

  2. hey it is over 90 degrees here in CA come join us in the warmth although i much prefer your fall temps right now


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