Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beginning of Mother/Daughter Travels!

My mom came to visit me in Europe back in November. Over two months later...I'm finally writing about it!

She flew into Geneva on October 31. Happy Halloween to me! Since her birthday is October 24, we ordered a cake to celebrate. We spent the rest of the night talking and packing for our week-long trip. I was so excited to finally see her after six months. It's awesome having Skype to communicate, but being with her in person was so much better.

We started our trip in Modena, Italy. I was able to introduce her to my host family from two years ago. It was awesome to combine those two worlds. Sadly, I have no pictures of us all together. That just means we have to go back again! While we were there, we took a bike tour around the town, had dinner with Nonna, went to the new Ferrari museum, and ate a lot of really delicious food. I went to Ski Pass with my "siblings", which is a huge ski exhibition hosted by Nissan. It was a lot of fun and there was even a huge party that night. Italians sure know how to party. I got to hang out with a lot of people I had met the year before, and I met some of their friends that I hadn't previously met. I even impressed myself with the amount of Italian I could understand. We were out until 4 am, and I was exhausted the next day, but it was fun.

While I was at Ski Pass, my mom went around town with the parents. I was a little nervous about leaving her alone but they all got along great. Further proof that these people are just the sweetest. I'm so glad my mom was able to meet them after hearing so much about them.

After Modena, we hopped on a train headed to Firenze!

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