Monday, January 27, 2014

Driving in Scotland

Mom and I flew into Glasgow late Tuesday night. We originally planned to get a taxi to Luss, where our bed and breakfast was located. It was about 40 minutes from the city and we planned on staying in the town the whole time we were there. But when we got to the airport, we decided to rent a car. It's a little nicer knowing you have freedom to go somewhere if you really want to.

Driving in Scotland. That was an experience. Fortunately we knew how to drive a stick, so that wasn't a problem. BUT. They drive on the opposite side of the road. Which means the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car. Which also means you're changing gears with your left hand instead of your right hand. So. Weird. There was definitely a learning curve. I should also mention that my mom had never driven through a round-about before. I was very accustomed to them since I've been living in France for a while. (The French really love their round-abouts.)

We started going without any problems. But then we hit our first round-about. I was trying to coach my mom through it but she was freaking out. There were three round-abouts just in the first five minutes. My mom was so worried she was going to have a wreck and I was just laughing the whole time. By the time we got to Luss, our abs were so sore from laughing. I really wish I had a video of this ride. It was a sight to see for sure.

The thing I love about driving through Scotland is the amazing scenery. I had experienced it before when I drove through the Highlands and around Loch Ness. But it was my mom's first time. The land is just so untouched. The first time I drove through Scotland, I wasn't able to take many pictures. It was a driving tour and there are only so many shots you can get through a bus window. This time, however, we were able to stop whenever we wanted.

If you ever visit Scotland, or any other country with beautiful landscapes, I HIGHLY recommend renting a car. That extra freedom makes the trip so much more memorable.

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