Friday, January 24, 2014

Florence, November 2013

After Modena, we took a quick train to Firenze. I wish I could say the weather was beautiful but it just wasn't. It rained the entire time we were there. Fortunately it was more of a sprinkle, which didn't stop us from walking around. We were only there for one full day and one half day, but we packed it full.

It was interesting visiting this city again for the third time. Of course it's still beautiful to me, but I wasn't so clicker happy with my camera. I guess that's true of all places when you think about it. Once you've seen something, it's not quite as special as the first time. It also didn't help that the sky wasn't the beautiful blue I was used to seeing.

Our first stop was the San Lorenzo Market. We bought purses, scarves, and journals galore. I was looking for one specific stall with a lady who I've seen the past two years. She sells these perfect clutches and leather gloves. But she was no where to be found! I was so disappointed but I guess the bright side is I saved a bit of money??? I'm still on the lookout for some good gloves, though. Winter in Geneva is brutal for this Georgia girl.

We just stumbled around the city for most of the day. Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, beautiful side mom loved it all. And I was so glad. It's still my favorite city so far. We ate dinner at Ciro and Sons. My mom had gnocchi alla sorrentina and I had margherita pizza. It was delicious. I highly recommend it. The staff was so friendly and the food was great. They even have a lot of gluten free options (you just have to call ahead if you want gluten free pizza).

The next morning we had breakfast, walked around the market a little more, and then hopped on our train to go to Milan, where we caught a flight to Glasgow!

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