Friday, September 9, 2011


Lately I've been reminiscing about the good ol' days.
aka the 90s.
So let's take a journey and look at some of my favorite things from my childhood.

I have every Lite-Brite that has ever been out in stores. The original, the cube, the flat-screen, even the small portable one. Plus, I just found out you can do it online!

I had this clown memorized.

Goof Troop
Growing up, we only had a Super Nintendo. This game was the best! I still play it every summer when we pull the Nintendo out of the closet.

Before the Razor Scooter became all the rage, I had a scooter that looked similar to this one:

Mine was pink and purple with white wheels. These kind were so much better than the Razors, even if they were 3x the size.

She was is my favorite Disney character. I even got the Special Edition DVD for my 15th birthday.

Fisher Price School Desk
I'm pretty sure these came out a while before I was born, but I still had one. It started my obsession with playing teacher. Obviously that obsession stuck with me.

Speaking of Disney, did you know they are putting Lion King back in theaters?? It's coming out September 16 and you better believe I'll be there opening week.

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