Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well it's official. I'm home from Italy. I finally unpacked my bags last night. I haven't posted about my trip yet because I don't want it to be completely over!
Allora. I am just going to post about adventures that I took. I'm going to draw this out as long as possible!

First things first: my favorite Italian words. The whole language is beautiful to me. But there are a few small phrases that just make me smile.

Allora is my absolute favorite Italian word. It basically means so, then, alright, well, etc. Go to Google Translate, type in allora, and listen to the pronunciation (but imagine a real Italian person saying it). It's so cute! My teacher would say it at least 50 times a day whenever she wanted to start something new.
Example: "Allora. Let's get out our math books."
My entire group was obsessed with the word. Every time someone would say it, we would all repeat it and smile.

My other favorite words:
-Aspetta (wait, hold on)
-Basta (stop, enough)
-Eccola qua (look there it is)

I have been emailing one of my Italian brothers since I left and the subject of his first email was "eccola qua." Made me so happy.

Before I left Italy, my youngest brother and sister made me t-shirts, one of which has my favorite words. My sister wrote out the Italian word with the English translation next to it. It's so adorable.
{I'll put up a picture soon.}

I was getting pretty good at understanding the language. Obviously I couldn't understand everything, but I could follow conversations. Could I speak in Italian? No. But I really want to work on it before I go back. I'll surprise everyone!

Fun fact: The Italian language (that we know of) is actually very young. In Southern Italy, there are many different dialects that are extremely old. But in Northern Italy, most people speak the Italian we know. Who knew?!

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