Friday, June 22, 2012

Ferrari Museum

The first weekend of our trip was spent entirely with our family. They literally dropped us off in a parking lot as soon as we got to Modena and said, "Have fun!" I was definitely nervous but I just embraced the awkwardness. My family did a lot the first weekend. One of the major things we did was visit the Ferrari Museum.
{Oh and please excuse my appearance. It was a rough weekend, sleep-wise.}

The museum is right beside the Ferrari Factory in Maranello. It is very close to Modena; only about a 15 minute drive. The museum was filled with Ferrari cars, all donated by the owners. 

with my sister, Carlotta

My favorite room was the Hall of Victories. On one wall, there were the winning cars from 1999-2008. On the other wall, there were shelves of trophies, 110 in all. There were also nine helmets from the world champions.

The rest of the museum was pretty open with one section flowing to the next. There were all different types of cars from the beginning of Ferrari's history to the most current models. There was even a section where you could see all the details a buyer could chose when purchasing a Ferrari. Seat color, fabric, thread color, and paint color were just a few options.

That's me in the back! And the guy in the striped jacket is Filippo. 

with Francesco and Carlotta

It was awesome to tour the place and see the cars up close. That is as close as I will ever get to that nice of a car. I sure don't see any Ferrari purchases in my future.

*All photos were taken by my Italian brothers, Filippo and Francesco


  1. my sister went here when she was studing in sienna

  2. how fun! I've been to italy so many times but never visited the ferarri museum, looks so cool


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