Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modena Part 1

I really enjoyed living in Modena for a few weeks. The town was the perfect size: not too big and not too small. I either walked or rode my bike everywhere I needed to go. My school was a short 10 minute walk and the center of the city was less than 20 minutes by bike. The first night I was there, my family took me on a bike tour of the city. We rode by all the major buildings and they gave me a brief history lesson of the city. I am so blessed my parents (whole family, really) spoke English. It made things sooooo much easier.

my cute little bike

The first Sunday was so busy. We all slept late (because we didn't get back from our bike tour until 12:30 am) and then went to Nonna's house for lunch. We then went to the Ferrari Museum and to a small castle. This was my first visit to a real castle (Disney World does not count) and y'all, I was excited. My family kept apologizing because it was so small but I thought it was awesome. I didn't take any pictures but my brother took one on his phone. Outside in the creek, they had found someone's bones. Kind of creepy but kind of cool.

you can see the skull and a few bones in the middle

After the castle we went to mass (long and boring, mostly because I couldn't understand a word). The people were really friendly and everyone was interested in the new American girl. I've never been one to like attention, but I really enjoyed it in Italy. I especially enjoyed it at a birthday party I attended, but that story is for another post. 

After mass, we went out to eat pizza. Italians don't mess around with their pizza. Instead of ordering slices or sharing one pizza with multiple people, they each get their own pizza. Granted, the crust is super thin (I'm talking almost non-existent) so it is easy to eat a lot. But I was not aware of this. I told them to just get whatever, thinking I would just eat a slice of the type they usually order. You can imagine my surprise when the waitress brings me my own pizza with literally everything on it. Meat, vegetables, cheese, you name it. I only ate three American-sized slices. I felt horrible leaving so much on my plate but I just couldn't do it. By the end of the trip, however, I was able to eat an entire pizza and still have room for gelato.

Just a few of the many pizzas I ate:

calzone con prosciutto e formaggio (ham and cheese)
spinach and cheese pizza
This, my friends, is the Modenese Pizza. Probably one of the best things I've ever eaten. It has everything that Modena is famous for: parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and basalmic vinegar. Heaven on a pizza. I'm craving it so bad now.

I'll save more stories for my next Modena post. Stay tuned for gelato, birthday parties, and ducks!

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