Friday, June 7, 2013

Back Home

I am finally in Italy!
Our train got in last night around 9:45. My family met me at the train station and we headed "home"!
I took a nice long shower with hot water and no shower shoes. Amazing.
Then I got to do laundry. HEAVEN!!
So excited for clean clothes.

Traveling for three weeks was amazing. But I didn't realize how taxing it would be. My body is sore, my brain is fried, and I'm just tired. It's nice to be in one place for two weeks. To sleep in a real bed with a family I know and love. Not to mention all the great food.

Last night, we had dinner at 10:30 (my second dinner...these Italians eat so late!) then we talked around the dinner table until after 2. Needless to say, I slept in this morning.

Today, we are going to Nonna's house for lunch. Then Carlotta and I will be watching Gossip Girl in the afternoon. (It's still on here so I'm super excited for that.) Tonight we are going out for pizza. Should be a great day! It feels so good to be here!

*More posts on the way with lots of pictures from our past three weeks!


  1. So glad you are "home" with people that love you!!! Miss you!!!

  2. Exciting!!! Can't wait to see more pictures. :)


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