Monday, June 10, 2013

Being Sick Abroad

I have unfortunately been in the bed sick all day. I had to miss the first day of camp which I absolutely hate! But I'm feeling better now. So hopefully tomorrow morning I will be ready to go!

My host family has been the absolute sweetest today.
This morning when I went downstairs, I told my "mom" I was sick and she made me some tea.
She sent me right back to bed when she went to work.
All throughout the day, my siblings have been checking on me. I kept hearing the door open a little. I was too weak to talk to them, but I really appreciated it!
They even delivered tea and crackers to my room while I was sleeping.

When I finally left my room about an hour ago, two of my siblings rushed to me to make sure I was okay.
I literally could not ask for a better host family.
Being sick is no fun. Especially in a foreign country with different people.
I'm so thankful this family is truly like my second family.
I feel so comfortable with them and they do everything they can to make me feel at home.

I guess if I had to be sick somewhere other than at home, this would be a good place for it.

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