Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camp Life

Just a few pictures from camp! Sorry for the horrible quality. I have more on my camera but I'm too lazy to get up right now.
We're learning about Native Americans this week. Because my first graders can't understand anything I say, we do a lot of drawing and coloring.

No...this isn't lunch. It's a snack.

This cutie's mother is the teacher I helped last year in Italy. So happy to have her in my class!

I have the cutest little blind boy in my class! He is so incredibly smart and the sweetest child I've ever met. All the other students love him.

This is my trouble maker. I made him color about 10 logs for our fire to keep him quiet. We ended up only using three. Oops.

After our indian pow wow with our shakers.

Random Things:
1. I hurt my foot somehow while we were traveling. My brother thinks it may be a stress fracture. Obviously it's not the best situation for working at a children's camp. So I asked my host mom for ice. Because they don't use ice in my house, I'm currently icing my foot with mozzarella. Yes. The cheese. It was either that or pizza. I went with the smaller option.

2. I watched Beauty and the Beast last night. Forgot how much I love that movie. Quality way to end the night.

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  1. Cute kids, great snacks, and CHEESE!!! What more could you ask for!! (maybe a chocolate lab puppy :)


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