Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Like Reese Witherspoon

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Geneva to see the circus! I love the circus. Love it.
This was my first circus in an actual tent. The other ones I've been to in America have been in arenas. It was cool to watch everyone hoist up the safety net or raise up the trapeze bars. It reminded me so much of "Water for Elephants" the way everyone was working together during the entire show.

And there was one other little thing that reminded me of that movie. The fact that I got to RIDE AN ELEPHANT!!! Now granted, I didn't have the elephant to myself. And I didn't get to ride on it's back like one would normally ride an elephant (as if it's an everyday occurrence...). But. I still got to ride on top of an elephant. And that my friends, was the highlight of my day.

Someone was a little too excited to sit still and smile for the camera... 

Riding elephants in Switzerland. Who would have thought?! 

I will never get used to seeing the Swiss Alps in the background of almost all of my pictures.

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