Tuesday, June 7, 2011

¡Hola desde España!

As you all know (if you read my first post, at least), my best friend and roommate from this past year is in Spain. Honestly, this was a very big transition for me. This past year at school, we ate almost every meal together and texted all throughout the day. We maintained constant contact just because we loved being together. It was very strange not being able to text her or call her at any time of the day. I appreciated our friendship before she left, but even more so now that she is in another continent.

We have been emailing almost every day since she arrived. Even though we are communicating daily, there is nothing better than talking face to face. We were finally able to Skype last night and it was awesome! I have missed her so much and it was great to see her beautiful tan face. We got to talk for an hour but it went by too fast. Unfortunately, her computer was dying so we had to cut it short. But it was great to see her and I cannot wait until the next Skype conversation. Better yet, I can't wait until she gets back and I can see her in person.

So here's to you, Kristen! Thanks for being the best friend a girl could ask for. I love you so much and I thank God for you every day. Keep having the best time in Spain and I will see you when you get back!

PS...if you want to read about Kristen's adventures in Spain, check out her blog here.

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