Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oops! A little late...

I thought about skipping this yesterday but I realized I had some good stuff to share! Enjoy this special Saturday edition of Friday Favorites!

Favorite Blog: fairy tales are true
I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago and I am absolutely obsessed! Sarah Tucker is an amazing photographer, an entertaining writer, and has the absolute cutest clothes. Not to mention her life sounds so fun! Check out her blog. You will really enjoy reading about her fun adventures and looking at her gorgeous photos. She even has an etsy shop with some of her prints.

Favorite Photos: Courtesy of Ms. Kristen Losinger

From her adventures in Spain.
Puerto Real

Favorite "New" Band: Stars Go Dim

I'm not sure if I like them more because I like their songs, or because I got their album for free. Their sound kind of reminds me of bands from the 90s. If you go to this website, you can download their whole album for absolutely nothing! There is nothing better than free.

Favorite Thrift Find: Reader's Digest

I have wanted to use these books as decoration since I signed the lease on my apartment. I love how it is so simple but the color adds so much to a room. America's Thrift Store in Athens has shelves of these books for a mere $.25 each! I bought four yesterday and I am definitely going back to get more. The ones I bought were just solid colors, but my favorites are the ones with decorative covers. My grandmother has a box of these that I plan on raiding.

Favorite Meal: Barbeque Sandwiches

I don't like meat very much but I just can't resist. I had two last night. So you tell me.

Happy Father's Day weekend everyone!

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