Monday, July 18, 2011

Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden

Have you ever heard that saying? Know what it stands for?
If you guessed "GOLF" then you would be correct.

All of the men in my family love golf. 
They play all the time.
I think they're obsessed.
To prove this point, let me tell you what I just did.
I just finished uploading Zeb's golf swing to YouTube. So if you want to see him in action, click here. You can also check out his friend Will here.

I went with Callaway (my middle brother) yesterday to Cedar Lake Golf Club. I am not a very good golfer so I decided to just read on this trip. (Although if I had brought my golf shoes back from Athens, I probably would have played.)

This one landed right on the path.

Don't worry; he didn't really hit from here.

So relaxing.

I made sure to document Cal's best game ever. He shot an 86.
Not bad for a 14 year old.

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