Friday, July 22, 2011

Pinterest Favorites

Good news my blogging friends! I am now addicted to Pinterest!!
If you aren't on it, you are missing out. For real.
Let me know if you need an invite!

Today, all of my favorite things are coming to you courtesy of Pinterest.

Favorite Purse:
Favorite Space Saver: Office in a Closet


Seriously, how cool is this idea?! Such a clever way to save space.

Favorite DIY: Ribbon Lights


Just tie ribbons around a strand of Christmas lights for easy decoration. I think I may do this for my patio.

Favorite Laugh:

So funny. And so true.

Favorite Dress:


We all know I love LC. This dress is adorable on her. I want a lace dress so bad!

Let me know if you're on Pinterest. I would love to follow you!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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