Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Questions {Part 2}

I'm back from vacation!! The beach was amazing. More on that later.
Today I'm linking up with Gentri Lee for 7 questions!
First, here's my funny picture: 

Free hair/beard nets at Mayfield Dairy. Can't let those go to waste.

1. Pick a boyfriend: Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter.
-Peeta Mellark. Love him.
{Hunger Games in 7 days!!! eeekkkk!!}

2. If you HAD to have a crazy hairdo, what hairdo would you choose and why? (mohawk, mullet, etc)
-I would love to have dreads. My hair is long enough already...

3. If you could be a celebrity, what would you like to be celebrated for? (dancing, singing, acting, reality tv, political leader, etc)
-Singing for sure. I've been singing since I could talk and it's always been my dream to be in a famous group.

4. Be honest-do you brush and floss your teeth daily?
-I brush my teeth at least three times a day (I love the feeling!) Do I floss? Sometimes. I really need to do that more.

5. What is one fear you are working to overcome?
-I honestly cannot think of a single answer. Lame.

6. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or semi-sweet?
-It's a tie between milk and dark. Depends on my mood.

7. What is one trend you wish you could pull off?
-Fedora hats.

Hope you're having a fabulous day!!


  1. Haha! Your picture is hilarious!!

    Totally with you on the fedora hats. I see them everywhere and have debated buying one, but I'm just too afraid I will look like a dork. One of these days...

  2. oh dreads is a good one!!

    funny photo :)

  3. milk and dark are my picks too :)

    funny photo!

    cute blog!

  4. That is such a funny pic! I'm sure you would look fabulous in a ferora hat. So glad I found your blog!


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