Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bakeries and Fruit Stands

One of my favorite things about Paris was the pastries. Carbs are my favorite.
It didn't hurt that we had an adorable bakery right on the corner by our hostel. We stopped there each morning.

There was also a fruit stand around the corner. Rach and I made a habit of stopping on our way to the metro each morning. The man was so nice and would always speak to us. Too bad we couldn't understand anything he was saying. We would just smile, nod, and say "merci" as we left. He fondly became known as the fruit stand man. Original, right?

On our last day we were pretty upset. Plus I had to sneak a picture of the Fruit Stand Man. He kind of looks like Mario or Luigi, right?!

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  1. These bakeries look so yummy!

    Happy Friday!


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