Saturday, September 7, 2013

Market Day

Happy Saturday!
And more importantly, Happy Saturday between the hedges!
Can't wait to cheer on the Dawgs tonight. I'm skyping with my mom so I can watch the game with her. Praise the Lord for technology.

Today has been very relaxed here in France.
We went to the market this morning before the rain came.
I've watched an entire disk of Gilmore Girls.
And now I am playing checkers before dinner.
(Because you needed to know every detail of my life.)
Per my mom's request, here are a few pictures from today.

And to wrap it up, this, my friends, is a pizza vending machine. Who even knew those existed?!


  1. Hi Sarah! I think we're neighbors. :) Is that the Ferney market? I ask because we recently bought that little sailor stacking toy (exact one) from a man selling handmade wooden toys there. Nice to see another blog from our part of France!

    Honey from


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