Sunday, September 15, 2013

Notre Dame and Macarons

Rachel and I traveled very well together. We planned out our days the night before and really maximized our time. We also walked pretty fast which allowed us to a) get to a lot of places, b) avoid taking public transportation, and c) save money. We split up Paris into areas we wanted to explore. Day two's plan was Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Notre Dame (which is just beautiful), Place de Vosges, and then we ended our day eating chocolate and macarons at Luxembourg Gardens.

I felt like I had to try macarons here and they were okay. I only tried two so maybe I just haven't found my favorite flavor yet.

That night for dinner, we ate at a creperie. Best decision ever. I wrote about that here if you're interested! I will be taking my mom to this place when we go to Paris. She's coming in just over a month! So excited!!

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  1. Great photos, Paris is always a treat! I esp. like the shot of the backside of Notre Dame. I found you through the blog hop - I was an au pair in Germany and am still here :)


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