Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tour Eiffel

I was not prepared for how big the Eiffel Tower is in real life. I mean, I knew it was big. But when you're standing under it for the first time, it's incredible. I know some people think it's just a huge, ugly, metal structure, but I thought it was awesome.

The light show at night is supposed to be great. Unfortunately we never saw it. Did you know it stays light outside until after 11 during the summer? Because we sure didn't. I felt like it was always light in Paris. I would wake up at 6 in the morning and the sun would be shining. Crazy. Anyways, we attempted to watch the show three times (each picture is from a different day). But each time, we were too exhausted to stay. When I go back with my mom, we will definitely stay to watch. Especially since it will be dark much earlier (praise the Lord).


  1. I also never realized how big it was... until we had to climb the stairs to the top because the lifts weren't operating that day! I love the third picture!

  2. I feel like that is so often the case with big landmarks like this, we have this certain perception of it in our heads and then are totally blown away when we see it in real life! That's exactly how I felt about the Golden Gate Bridge. That will be so fun to go back and see the light show with your mom! I had no idea it stayed light so late there!


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