Sunday, September 15, 2013

Luxembourg, Museums, and Pureed Soup

I haven't posted anything about our days in Paris so here we go! This will be broken into a lot of posts because we did so much.

We stumbled upon a market that morning and decided to get a little picnic. We ate in Luxembourg Gardens and it was just perfect.

Our first day in Paris was the first Sunday of the month. Which meant the museums were free! We hit the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. They were extremely crowded but we were still able to see a lot.

After the museums, we walked along the Seine River toward the Eiffel Tower. We found a restaurant on a side street for dinner. It was chilly so when I saw vegetable soup on the menu, I was so excited. Chunks of vegetables was just what I wanted. Little did I know, vegetable soup in Europe is much different than in America. It's pureed. Can you say gross?! It really wasn't that bad but it was definitely not what I expected.

We ended the day at the Eiffel Tower. We were going to stay to watch the light show, but we had walked over six miles during the day and we were tired. So we headed back to our hostel and promptly fell asleep. Day one was a success!

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