Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 Words

Jenni is hosting a link up to write everyday in May. At first, I wasn't going to participate because I'm leaving the country in the middle of the month. Which means I'm bound to miss some days.
But everyone else looked like they were having fun and I didn't want to be left out!
So here it goes: My life story in 250 words. Plus a few pictures.


I was born on November 30, 1990 in Athens, GA. My parents met and fell in love at the University of Georgia. It was only fitting I begin my life in the best college town on the planet. I was an only child for all of 14 months before my brother (and best friend) entered this world. Two more brothers came after him. Only girl! Woohoo! I grew up in a smallish farm-type town in the same house where my dad was raised with my family living all around me. I grew up with awesome godly parents. My family is so incredibly important to me and I cannot imagine life without them.

My family is extremely musical. I play the piano (although not very well), violin, viola, guitar, and bass guitar. I also love to sing. I started playing violin in fourth grade and viola in sixth grade. I was even first chair in the county orchestra for two years. No one at college really knows about my musical talent. I am sometimes shy and extremely modest so these things don’t get mentioned very often.

recording studio days

In August of 2009, I moved to Athens and started my freshman year at the University of Georgia. I’ve been here ever since. Teaching is my passion. In 8 days, I will graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education. In 15 days, I will be hopping on a plane to live in Europe until December. Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!

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