Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation Day

May 10, 2013: Graduation Day

Ahh how crazy is that?! I'm graduating from college today. Whattttt?!?!?!

These past four years have flown by. I can't believe it is all ending today! I have loved every second I've spent as a student at THE University of Georgia. I am so proud to soon be an alumna of this amazing school. I am going to miss this beautiful city so much. But I'm excited to see what the future holds.

My family is coming to Athens again tonight to celebrate with me in Sanford Stadium.
My mom and dad both graduated from UGA, along with MANY other family members. UGA is kind of a family tradition and I'm proud to keep it going!

I wrote in the last page of my journal last night and I thought, "How fitting!" To end a journal as I'm ending my college career. I'm proud to say that today, I am graduating with honors from the University of Georgia.


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