Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that Make Me Uncomfortable

Welcome to Day 3 of blogging everyday! Y'all should link up with Jenni. This has been a lot of fun so far!
Today's topic kind of stumped me. I wasn't sure if I could think of anything. But I came up with five! Here it goes:

1. Feet. I can't stand for people to touch me with their feet. This sounds ridiculous but I will literally freak out if someone touches me. Even if they're wearing socks. If I'm sitting on the couch with someone, you better believe you'll hear me say, "Don't touch me with your feet." My own feet, on the other hand? Don't mind them at all.

2. Talking to people in bathrooms. I hate it when people try to have conversations while they're in a public bathroom. Awkward.

3. Wedgies. On anyone. Pretty sure that makes everyone uncomfortable.

4. Men who don't wear socks with shoes. Unless you're wearing boat shoes or sandals, you need socks! Just think about how sweaty your feet are getting inside those tennis shoes or dress shoes. Gross.

5. Talking with a mouth full of food. Maybe this is more of a pet peeve, but come on people. Chew your food, then talk! I don't want to see what you're eating.

What about you? Do any of the things I listed make you uncomfortable?

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