Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye

This post is going to count how many times I cried before I left. Crying is super rare for me. So I feel like I should document it. It's almost comical how many times it happened.
Saying goodbye to my family was so difficult. It was so weird to think that I wouldn’t see them again for seven months. Fortunately my mom is coming to visit me in October, so I’ll get a little taste of home.

1. My brother Zeb and I are very close. Seven months is the longest we have ever been apart from each other. He had to work Friday morning so he couldn’t come to the airport with us. He said goodbye on Thursday night and I just about lost it. He gave me a hug and just wouldn’t let go! First time I cried.
We were going for a serious picture but Wyatt didn't get the memo.
 2. I went to my grandparents house Thursday night.  They were telling me to be careful and I was fine for 30 minutes. But then on the way out, my grandpa gave me a long hug and I lost it.
3. Zeb texted me Thursday night after he left to say how much he loved me. Cue the tears.
4. Friday morning I went to Allie’s house to say goodbye. She is basically my sister so that was difficult. Aunt Linda definitely didn’t help with the sad faces :)

5. My dad wasn’t able to come with us to the airport so I had to say goodbye at home. I like to consider myself a daddy’s girl, even if it isn’t as extreme as it was when I was younger. We basically couldn’t speak to each other so we just hugged and did our little hand sign thing we do.

Please excuse the extremely tired face and huge dark circles. I didn't sleep much.
6. My cousin Beverly called me on the way to the airport. When I was younger, she used to take Zeb and me to the movies and ice cream about once every week. It was so fun hanging out with her. She called to tell me how much she loved me and to be careful. So I teared up. Again.
7. My mom, Callaway, and Wyatt took me to the airport. They walked me back to the security line and we sat down to talk for a few minutes.  I even got to call my other grandma before I left. I didn’t think I was going to cry. But then my mom prayed over me. Having people pray for me always makes me cry, especially if it’s my mom. Then Cal and Wyatt hugged me (which is rare for us) and I teared up at that. After they left, I had to go to the bathroom to dry my tears for a few minutes.

So basically, I had really red eyes all throughout security, check in, and the first flight. I haven’t broken down sobbing yet. I don’t really expect that to happen. But it was definitely an emotional 24 hours. I just love my family so much!
I’m extremely excited for this new adventure, but I will definitely miss those people.
Good thing we have skype and email!

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  1. i love to hear how much your family means to you! so many young adults don't have that! i believe it is the foundation of your family that has made you the woman you are!! i love you girl can't wait to see more!!


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