Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brugge, Belgium

Dublin? Edinburgh? London?
Check. Check. Check.
Loved all three places. Full updates on those later.

Right now, we are in the lounge of our hostel in Brussels. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of this place.
The city just looks so old and unsafe. I just haven't really relaxed the entire time we've been here.
Brugge, on the other hand, was absolutely adorable. It is about an hour train ride out of Brussels. We went to the city yesterday just as a day trip. I am so so glad we did. 
{Confession: I'm not really sure how to spell the name of this city. There are so many different versions so I just went with one.}
Gorgeous churches. Lots of bikes. Pretty canals and parks.

 How cute is this old man tending his garden?!

There were chocolate shops on every corner. Heaven to this chocolate lover. We may or may not have walked into all of them. We only bought chocolate from three places, though. Excellent self-control if you ask me. We bought some chocolate and went to a park to enjoy the sunshine!

We definitely stopped for gelato on the way to the park. Just a little pre-chocolate snack.

If someone asked me, I think I would recommend staying in Brugge over Brussels. Brugge is not very big and there is not a whole lot to do, but it feels much safer and more peaceful. You can spend hours exploring little streets and resting in parks. And I quite like the smaller cities better than the large ones. I am definitely a country girl at heart.
Have any of you been to Brussels? Do you have a different opinion of the city?

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