Thursday, May 2, 2013

Abducted by Aliens

Most of you know I was student teaching this semester for an awesome first grade class. And I loved every.single.minute of it. Teaching is my passion and it brings me so much joy. I love helping students and seeing little light bulbs go off in their heads. It's such a rewarding job!

Student teaching gave me many opportunities to try new things. This was like my trial period so it was okay if some of my ideas failed. That's what this process is for! Thankfully, most of my ideas worked. One of my favorites was a writing activity. I mentioned a longgg time ago that I would share about it. And the day is finally here!

I was blessed to work with three other first grade student teachers. We were all very creative and loved doing things that were a little outside the norm. Sooo we came up with this fun idea. We made a video pretending we were abducted by an alien. In order to get us back, they had to write a letter persuading the alien to let us go. Boy were these letters funny!

Here's how it all went down:
We began our writing lesson just like normal. Just a minute after we started, the secretary came on the intercom and called the first grade student teachers to the office. As soon as we walked out of the room, our teachers played the video we made. Warning: It's a little loud when Aly first starts talking to watch out :)

Most of the students freaked out when they saw this video. "We have to get them back!" "Let's write the best letters we can!" Some of them knew it was a joke and tried to play cool. (Luckily these students didn't ruin it for those that actually believed the story.) I had one student start sobbing. He thought something was going to blow up when he heard the beeps at the beginning of the video. I felt so bad when I heard this!

Our teachers texted us throughout the next hour and told us how hard the students were working. After lunch, specials, and half of recess, we walked back outside to meet our classes. The alien (a student teacher from another grade) came outside with us in her costume. At once all of the students rushed over to us and would not let us go. It was so precious!

We were so glad we did this activity because the students enjoyed it. They worked so hard and we got some great letters in the process. It just goes to show how school can be fun for kids; it doesn't have to be the same ol' boring stuff. I will definitely be doing more things like this in the future.

And now...what you've all been waiting for...some letters! All of them were hysterical but these were my favorites. I put translations under each but if you want a challenge, you should try to read them yourself.

Dear alien, I want Ms. Burton back. Because she is a nice teacher. If you eat her, I will cut you in half. And I will make a sandwich of alien.

Dear Alien, If you give Ms. Burton back I will give you a 4th grade teacher. She is a good person. She teach us a lot of stuff. She is great. She is also sweet. She is my favorite.

Dear Alien, Please bring Ms. Burton. We will do whatever you want. Because without Ms. Burton we can't do Morning Meeting. We couldn't do fun things.

And my personal favorite:
Dear Alien, I want Ms. Burton back please. If you don't give Ms. Burton back I will eat you up. Please bring her or I will fart on your face. If you don't give Ms. Burton back I will whoop you in the face. I want Ms. Burton back.

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