Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snail Mail Swap

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a snail mail swap. Meghan from little girl in the big world hosted this swap and she paired me up with another blogger. We swapped addresses and sent each other a small gift.
I LOVE getting real mail! So of course I was all for this. I was also excited because this gave me an excuse to craft.

I was paired with Elle from a great lifestyle blog, who also happens to be a Dawg fan.
She sent me beach in a bag!

She also included a note describing how she uses each item. The items were Wonderwaves hair spray, coconut lime fragrance mist, morning burst facial scrub, Times Square nail polish, and Golden Sunset eye enhancers.

I have already used some of these products and they definitely make me think of summer. I'll be using these as long as they last, therefore making summer last longer.

Go on over to little girl in the big world to check out the other swaps!

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