Friday, August 19, 2011

Call Me Martha Stuart

Fridays now have a whole new meaning for me. I have no classes! So that means I can work and then start my weekend early. This weekend, I'll be setting up the apartment and getting everything finished. Fortunately, Zeb is going home so I won't have a messy boy anyone in my way.

This week's edition of Friday Favorites is going to be devoted to a few of the crafts I've been doing. As I type, I have cookies in the oven, HGTV on the tube, and a huge craft box sitting next to me. Just call me Martha Stuart.

Favorite Wall Art: Toilet Paper Rolls

Remember when I posted back here about my favorite DIY project? Good news friends: I finally have enough rolls to make it. 28 rolls to be exact. It may not be enough to completely finish the project, but it will definitely give me a great start.

Favorite Present: Monogram Frame

This was my gift I sent for the snail mail swap. Stay tuned today for how I made it.

Favorite Accent: Tissue Paper Flowers

I'll also be showing you how I made these later today.

What are some of your favorite things??

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