Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Arthur's Seat

I was so excited to climb Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. I had heard about the gorgeous views of the city. When we got to the bottom of the Royal Mile, we decided to just do it...even though we weren't really dressed for a hike. Because it was so cold, we had multiple layers on. Literally less than five minutes into the hike, we were stripping off jackets and rolling up our pants. It was a very tough hike (we took the hard way with the best views) in some places but so worth it in the end. I highly recommend it if you ever get to Edinburgh! There are multiple trails to take depending on your fitness level. The one we  did only took us about an hour and a half...including multiple stops to take pictures.
Oh and word of advice: take a water bottle.

 Made it to the top!

These kids were rolling down the hill. There is one at the bottom and one at the top. So funny!
And now they're both at the bottom :) 

This is the palace on the left. The grass inside the wall goes up to meet the top (you can see it slope upwards). When they look out of the palace towards the lawn on the right, it looks like it continues on forever. From their point of view, there is no wall separating the commoners from the royals.

We ended our stop with ice cream. It was well-deserved.

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