Sunday, July 7, 2013

Madrid Week One

So Madrid is hot. Pretty much like Georgia. Only there is a lot more walking and a lot less (read: no) air conditioning.
Those past seven weeks of traveling have finally caught up with me! I slept a lot this week and watched a lot of movies on my time off. It was great.

But yesterday I finally went out!
It's interesting exploring a city alone. I'm so used to having my partner in crime with me...heyyyyy Rach! It was very quiet walking down the streets without having someone to talk to. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!
I didn't take many pictures because 1) I wanted to just enjoy being outside, 2) it was a pain to carry it around my neck, and 3) I kind of felt like a loser taking pictures by myself. I pretty much felt like this woman:

Other than sweating off every ounce of water in my body, I had a pretty good time.

Horrible picture with lots of shadows...but it's the Naval Museum! So cool.

And the best part of my day?? Taste of America. Where I paid 22 euros for solid gold.

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  1. You are keeping up with your blogging like a champ! And I love that picture of your stash at the end. You got some good loot girl!


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