Friday, July 19, 2013

Terremoto...Take Two

I was looking back through my journal of my trip and came across the last day of camp in Italy. We had just taken the kids outside for lunch. Maggie and I walked back into the school to grab our food when all of a sudden, TERREMOTO!! Everything started shaking...just like last year. We ran out of the building as fast as we could.

What are the chances that I would be in Italy for earthquakes two years in a row. I mean, come on!
Last year, I was on the study abroad trip and they sent us home early. This year, I fortunately did not have to be sent home. Instead, we went to the sea.

I'm so glad my Italian family is very relaxed about earthquakes. After they make sure everyone is okay, they just laugh about it. I know it's not a joking matter, but it's a little comical to me. There really isn't anything you can do. As long as there isn't anything to fall on your head, you just have to wait it out.

Can't believe I forgot to mention this when I was posting about Italy. really isn't a big deal in my head! Except for when the earth is actually shaking. It's a big deal for those few seconds :)

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