Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nuevas Amigas

Last night was a good one. I finally made some friends here. Just in time considering I leave tomorrow for the beach and will only be back in Madrid for one more day in August. I hate how that worked out.
But last night was fun. We went out for pizza and ended up just sitting there for three hours talking. Which then led to getting Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Pretty good night all around.
Oh and did I mention that we spoke only in Spanish? Yeah. Don't know how I managed to pick it up so quickly, but I can understand almost everything. Can I speak a lot of Spanish? No. But following conversations and being able to input a little is wonderful. Much better than just sitting there silently like an idiot.

The only problem with learning Spanish is that my mind doesn't know when to shut it off. I find myself thinking in Spanish which is extremely frustrating when I'm trying to go to sleep.
And now I'm having to remind myself that when I watch a video of American children, I'm actually able to understand what they're saying. Allie sent me a video of the kids she babysits. I watched it once and didn't even realize that they were speaking English. I was just tuning them out because I didn't want to think about what they were saying. That's crazy. I'm going nuts.

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    i miss you a lot. come home

    just kidding i know youre having a beautiful adventure. keep up the posts:]


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