Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boat Tour and Cupcakes

London Day Three:
We started our day with a little shopping. I've mentioned a few times that it was cold on our trip. We stupidly packed mostly summer clothes. 60 degrees in Georgia is most definitely not the same as 60 degrees in the UK. In Georgia, when the sun goes behind the clouds, the heat still stays. In the UK, not so much. When the sun goes away, the temperature drops immediately. So strange.
Anyways, we were on a mission to find scarves. Would you believe that H&M was the only store not selling summer clothes?! We bought matching wool scarves and were happy campers.

We did a boat tour of the River Thames. The weather was soooo much better than the previous day. Which in turn meant our attitudes were much better!
Just realized I'm wearing two scarves in this picture. Awesome. 

Scarf twins! 

After the tour we found an adorable bakery. We had to buy a cupcake. Obviously.
Then we found a Starbucks so we had a nice little cupcake/coffee break.

After this we went to Harrods. You can read about that and our picnic dinner here. There's a sequence of pictures of me eating a sandwich. I know you don't want to miss that.

Day three was extremely better than the previous two days! London, you might be worth all the hype after all.


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